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Tour Finisterre - Costa da Morte

Rúa das Orfas, 40, 15702 Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña, España
Santiago de Compostela
CP 15701
La Coruña
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The excursion to Finisterre and Costa da Morte is the perfect ending for those who do not have time to do this tour on foot.

Departure time: 09:00 h - Return time 18:00 h.

In this tour of the “Costa da Morte” the landscape is the true protagonist. It is a trip to a unique and charming area. To a land of mystery, legends and myths.

Our first stop will be at Ponte Maceira, a small town near Santiago de Compostela and an obligatory stop for pilgrims who continue their journey towards the “end of the world”. It is a charming little town where the protagonist is the 14th century bridge over the Tambre river. An enclave that surprises for the natural beauty of the environment as well as for a beautiful set of medieval mills.

We will head towards the coast. On the way we will stop to enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the coast of Carnota. Lira, Carnota Beach, Boca do Río, Mount Pindo and Cape Fisterra will be presented in front of us, always embraced by the Atlantic.

After that we will reach Ézaro, where the river Xallas falls into the sea forming a waterfall, the Ézaro waterfall, probably the most famous in Galicia and unique in Continental Europe.

Our next destination is Cape Fisterra (Finisterre). End of the world for Romans and Greeks. There we will visit what was believed to be the westernmost point in Europe, the Lighthouse and kilometer zero (Km 0) of the Camino de Santiago.

In the town of Fisterra we will stop for lunch and we will have free time to walk around the town and its fishing port.

We will resume the itinerary and we arrive to Muxia. Possible end of this continuation of the Camino de Santiago. We will meet here with a beautiful Sanctuary at the foot of the Atlantic and with three stones considered sacred by the Galicians since always (we will tell you why).

On the way back to Santiago we will stop to visit one of the largest barns on the Costa da Morte. The “Hórreo” of San Martiño de Ozón dates from the 16th century, making it the oldest of the giant Cabaceiros in Galicia. It is also located next to a Romanesque church where it has been worshiped since the 12th century and a small monastery now converted into a hostel for pilgrims.

Opening dates of the hostel
15 February - 15 November
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